She created Sapor Istanbul Food Symposium in 2019, a symposium designed to show that food is more than just for fun and feeding, and is a sociological and anthropological phenomenon that connects societies’ lives from the past to the future, every year addressing a different topic, an old-fashioned symposium.

In 2009, she established the website, where she talks about food, tales of those who created it,  tradesmen, local products, flavors, food state of the city, and the food culture of Turkish geography.

Graduated from TED Ankara College and Bilkent University Tourism Hotel Management Department, Şatana started working in the food and beverage sector in 1993 and was involved in the opening and management of many international hotels and establishments.

She is after the perfect local ingredients matchmaking them to restaurants and chefs, supporting the small producers. Talks about Turkish cuisine on television programs at home and abroad, organize long-term training in food and beverage operations, and provides consulting in local tourism development projects. She continues her studies in food and beverage projects in İstanbul and gives lectures and seminars in universities and gastronomy schools from time to time.

She wrote columns in Radikal, Hürriyet, and Cumhuriyet newspapers. She continues to write articles about Turkish cuisine in Turkey and the international media also on

She was a co-writer in the book Meyhane Erbabının El Kitabı (Boyut, 2011), the photographer of Güneşin ve Ateşin Tadı (YKY, 2012) and contributed to the book Yashim Cooks Istanbul (Arganout Books, 2016) with her photographs.

It all started when her granny told her to wash the tripe, on her old stone kitchen sink.

All her stories end in Istanbul, where her heart and home are.